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June 11th 202209:00 - 19:10 CET

The first ever Galician
BEAM-related conference

We are excited to gather our community in the beautiful city of

A Coruña

, in an event completely


The conference will happen on June 11th 2022, with half the day slotted for Spanish and Galician talks and the other half for English talks.

It will be an in-person event, enforcing COVID-19 related safety measures on top of our Code of Conduct, so that we create and enjoy a safe space in every sense.


Schedule - June 10th 2022

The GRiSP2 workshop will take place at the Faculty of Computer Science, in the laboratory classroom 0.1, instead of at the conference venue.

Click here for directions.



15:00 - 20:30

Peer Stritzinger


A hands-on GRiSP2 tutorial


Schedule - June 11th 2022



08:00 - 09:00



09:00 - 09:45

Brujo Benavides

2022.Keynote (local)

Trabajando con Código Erlang Heredado (o Cómo Sobrevivir a las Chapuzas del Pasado)



09:50 - 10:30

Marta Medio

2022.Talk #1 (local)

La revolución del remoto


10:35 - 11:15

Adolfo Neto

2022.Talk #2 (local)

Aprendendo Erlang e Elixir através do Exercism e do Advent of Code


11:15 - 11:45


Coffee break

11:45 - 12:25

Anayeli Malvaez

2022.Talk #3 (local)

An Elixir view on Processes: from spawn to cluster discovery

12:30 - 13:10

Bernardo Martínez

2022.Talk #4 (local)

How we migrated one billion objects without downtime using Elixir

Lunch break (13:10 - 15:00)



15:00 - 15:40

Tobias Pfeiffer

2022.Talk #1 (international)

Metaphors are Everywhere: Ideas to Improve Software Development

    #Basketball#Fiction#Card#Games#Game development

15:45 - 16:25

Nelson Vides

2022.Talk #2 (international)

Building blocks and how to use them: a MongooseIM case study


    #Open source#OTP#Design patterns

16:25 - 16:55


Coffee break

16:55 - 17:35

Javier Garea Cidre and Lois Soto López

2022.Talk #3 (international)

Designing beyond behaviours, an industrial tale


    #Case studies#Performance

17:40 - 18:20

Mariano Guerra

2022.Talk #4 (international)

Seeing Like a Linguist



18:25 - 19:10

Quinn Wilton and Brooklyn Zelenka

2022.Keynote (international)

The Mess We're (Still) In




Reitoría da Universidade de Coruña

Rúa Maestranza, 9

15001 A Coruña

The rectory is located in the old town, by the eastern prominade, and close the square that stands at the heart of the city, 'Praza de María Pita'. You can reach it by car, public transport and taxi.

Click here for directions.


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