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June 11th 202209:00 - 19:10 CET

The first ever Galician
BEAM-related conference

We are excited to gather our community in the beautiful city of

A Coruña

, in an event completely


The conference will happen on June 11th 2022, with half the day slotted for Spanish and Galician talks and the other half for English talks.

It will be an in-person event, enforcing COVID-19 related safety measures on top of our Code of Conduct, so that we create and enjoy a safe space in every sense.


In 2022 we had a blast! Want to check out how it went?

While we prepare the 2024 edition and start filling this page with the speaker list and the schedule, why don't we take a moment to remember how Code BEAM A Coruña 2022 went?

Click HERE to visit the historic of the website from back then, or watch the highlights video!

Call for talks

We are accepting talks from people who are happy to deliver them in-person. We welcome proposals about Erlang, Elixir, BEAM and other technologies and we are happy to support candidates from under-represented groups in the software development community. CFT deadline: 23:59 UTC on January 31 2024


We are also welcoming workshops! If you would prefer to instead conduct one, or submit an idea for a workshop in addition to a talk, we would be happy to hear from you. Same deadline as for the CFT: 23:59 UTC on January 31 2024



Do you want to help us make Code BEAM Lite A Coruña a great event?

Get in touch and we will tell you all about the different sponsorship tiers!